Houston Goat Yoga Texas
Kimberly  Brooke

Owner, B.A., E-RYT 200/500, CrossFit L1, Level 1 & 2 Primal Health Coach, ELDOA 1 Trainer, PESI Animal Assisted Therapy Certificate

With over 1,700 teaching hours accrued since 2012, Kimberly brings a disciplined, mindful, and peaceful approach to the Yoga mat.

Each movement is scaled to the ability of her students, with graduated intensity for beginners and seasoned practitioners. Kimberly has taught 10,000 students in a variety of Traditional Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Power, and Restorative Yoga Classes in both private and group settings.

Praised for the soothing timbre of her voice and mindfulness of the breath, Kimberly is HONORED and PRIVILEGED to share in the trans-formative, fun, and unique experience that is Goat Yoga Texas!

Dave Brooke


Owner, RYT 200,PESI Animal Assisted Therapy Certificate

Practicing Yoga for the past eight years, Dave completed his Yoga Teacher Training in 2019.

Inspired by Kimberly's use of Yoga as a rehabilitation practice, Dave took up Yoga as a way to strengthen and care for his lower back. Following many years of competitive Taekwondo, he underwent surgery at 22 to correct damage he had sustained to several vertebrae and discs. 16 years later, he credits Yoga and meditative breath-work for restored physicality and flexibility.

On a mission to encourage others to dive into a world of physical recovery through Yoga, he welcomes all new and seasoned Yogis to come experience the peace, joy, laughter, and good work that Goat Yoga does for the soul! 


The  Goat Herd

Houston Goat Yoga Texas

Living an idyllic life of ease on "the ranch" and eagerly looking forward to loading into the trailer for their weekly classes, our miniature Goat Yoga Stars are :

Miss Kitty, Marshal Matt Dillon, Butterbean the Texas Quean, Willie, Waylon, Wyatt Earp,

Doc Holliday, Lefty, Clyde, Bonnie, Annie Goatley, Calamity Jane, Louretta, Reba, Little Faith, and

our newest babies Smokey, Bandit, Bluebonnet, Tex, Lucky, Faye, Puddin', Tater', Brooks, Dunn, LadyBird, McFly, Jesse James, Frank James, and King George (Strait)!

Carrie Underfoot is temporarily at home resting, but will return to the corral after her knee heals!

Out little girl Precious is happily thriving and in the process of being fitted with an off road tire cart so that she can begin exploring the property alongside the other goats. Currently she splits her time between being inside in her kiddie pool full of hay or supported by her K9 cart on our covered porch. She is definitely living a life of extreme goat ease!

All our miniature Nigerian Dwarf goats live with us on our property and receive love, shelter, protection, playtime, medical care, and all the food they could ever want - truly living the dream!

Whether it is trimming hooves, acting as a goat midwife, cleaning their shelters, or just hanging out and scratching those hard to reach areas - we pride ourselves in how clean, well cared for, and happy our small, magical herd truly is!