Frequently Asked Questions

Are Drop-Ins Allowed?

Registration is required for all Goat Yoga Texas classes / events. Due to the limited availability of each class, we can only guarantee space to attendees who have pre-registered for the event. Please call us at 281-732-7833 with any questions or help with registration! Purchase tickets from the link below:

Do I need to bring my own mat?

Yes, you will need to bring your OWN mat. We cannot provide loaner mats due to hygiene. Target and WalMart have inexpensive Yoga mats that are great for first time yogis or those who do not want to use their regular practice mat.

Are there restrooms?

Yes, unless otherwise stated, there are restrooms on site.

What about weather cancellations and refunds?

In the event of a weather-related cancellation, you will receive your choice of 100% refund, transfer to a posted future class (subject to space availability and upcharge for specialty events may apply), or voucher code that is good for up to 6 months. Due to the limited available space in class, we cannot make changes to ticket sales - transfers or refunds - less than 24 hours before the scheduled event. Please contact us in the event of extenuating circumstances. We are happy to find a solution.

What type of Yoga is it?

We teach a breath-centered, meditative Hatha class, perfect for first-time Yogis or seasoned pros! It can be as challenging as you want to make it.

Who teaches the class?

The majority of classes are taught by Kimberly Brooke. co-owner of Goat Yoga Texas. Kimberly is a certified E-RYT 200 Yoga teacher with over 1000 recorded teaching hours since 2012.

Our substitute teacher is Dave Brooke, co-owner of Goat Yoga Texas. Dave is a certified RYT 200 Yoga Teacher who has been practicing Yoga since 2013 and gained his teaching cert in 2019.

What type of goats are these?

Our goats are Nigerian Dwarves and Nigerian/Pygmy mixes. These goats are miniature breeds and weigh between 25 and 50 pounds when they are fully grown. Many of our goats came to us as Hurricane Harvey rescues. They are all wethers (neutered males) and females. We do not use intact Bucks (males) in our classes.

Where do you get the goats?

Some were born here, some were rescued after Hurricane Harvey, and some we purchased for our milking herd. They all live right in our backyard! We have a Nigerian/Alpine doe that we milk… She has beautiful babies!

How do I clean up afterwards?

We provide complimentary hand sanitizer and wet wipes for participants. Murdoch's has two large restrooms that can double as changing rooms if you would like to bring a change of clothes. We recommend that at the very least you bring a towel for the ride home to sit on!

How long is a class?

Our classes are one hour and fifteen minutes long. The first 45 minutes is dedicated to Yoga, and the last 30 minutes are for taking photos, playing, and snuggling with the babies.

Can a goat hurt me?

Goats may nibble on your jewelry, sleeve, or loose hair. Instead of top teeth, goats have a hard palate! They DO have bottom teeth and molars, so we discourage participants from putting their fingers in a goat's mouth. We handle our goats daily to ensure they are used to being touched and picked up. Do remember that these are farm animals, so it is always wise to expect the unexpected!

Do all goats have horns?

Yes, both male and females can have horns (and beards)! Some goats are naturally polled (hornless). Even though there are many opinions out there on the subject, we feel disbudding (mechanically removing their horns at a young age) is cruel and we prefer to let the goats live as they were designed. Due to this ethical decision, most of our goats have horn.

Will I get poop on me?

Goats are biological creatures, and what goes in must go out! We usually have one or two people who get their mats “blessed” by tiny goat pellets (Like rabbit droppings, it is hard-packed and dry), but a quick shake usually clears them right off.

Do you force the goats to participate?

Never. If a goat is tired (or just not feeling it), we never make them do anything they don’t want to do. We all need rest sometimes!

Can I do Crow, Firefly, Headstand, etc. with a goat?

One of the main focuses is safety when doing any physical activity and participating in Goat Yoga is no different. Hurting yourself attempting Wheel Pose for the first time while trying to balance a goat on your stomach isn’t worth the injury for the Instagram post!! Also, a fall can hurt a goat. We invite you to connect with yourself, find a little peace, and enjoy the experience.

What is the age requirement for Goat Yoga Texas public events?

All registered participants for our public and private Goat Yoga classes must be at least 12 years of age to participate. For those under 15, a parent/legal guardian OVER 21 must be present AND participating in class. Little Goat Party Crasher events are appropriate for ages 7 and up. Adult supervision is required. Please reach out to us for more details concerning minimum age requirements and adult participation for private events!

Do you keep the goats separate?

No way! We let them run around and play with you during the class! They’re available for snuggles the moment you put your mat down.

Do you sell your goats?

Sometimes, we may have a goat available for adoption. This doesn’t happen often, and there is a screening process for potential goat parents.

What is the address for Weekend Public Classes at Victoria's Natural Market?

Victoria's Natural Market is located in the NW Houston / Cypress area at: 20158 Bauer Hockley Rd Tomball, TX 77377 Directions: Turn down Bauer Hockley Road. Drive PAST Aitken's farm and PAST the stop sign. Turn right into Victoria's Natural Market Entrance (Do not turn into Aitken's Farm - Google Map Direction's are incorrect).




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