Our Story...

What started with six, tiny week-old baby goats rescued after Hurricane Harvey has blossomed into a happy, cuddly herd of miniature therapy goats just waiting to greet you on your Yoga mat, climb on your back, or fall asleep in your arms while you expand your Yoga practice under the beautiful Texas sky.

Join owners, YA-RYT Yoga teachers, and experienced Goat Yogis Kimberly and Dave Brooke, as they guide you through the best hour and fifteen minutes of your week! Whether you are a seasoned yogi or this is your first time on a Yoga mat, come and experience one of the most unique and joyous activities on Earth

Starting with 45 minutes of life-changing, beginner-friendly Hatha (traditional) Yoga, class concludes with 30 minutes of cuddles, photo ops, and individual pose practicing. Whether you came to challenge yourself with a little bit of Yoga or just to play with the goats, there is something for everyone at Goat Yoga Texas!

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the nearly 10,000 Goat Yogis who have joined us in class, hugged on the goats, and contributed to the mission of better health and human to animal connection that drives Goat Yoga Texas forward.


The reviews and recommendations we receive are from the heart and we cannot express enough our gratitude for making Goat Yoga Texas the top-rated Goat Yoga in the Greater Houston Area.


Without you, this couldn’t be possible!

Why Goats? Did you know...

Goats were one of the FIRST animals, alongside dogs, to be domesticated by humans.


Human-goat interaction  is not only one of the longest running human-animal partnerships on the planet, but a mutually beneficial relationship with measurable health benefits on not only the environment they live in but the people who's lives they touch!

In recent decades, Farm-animal therapy has been shown to help with everything from ADHD and autism to mental illness and hypertension.

A big thank you to Goat Yoga Arizona's April Gould and Sarah Williams who put on the first Goat Yoga class in 2015. Your courage to be creative has brought tens of thousands of smiles to the faces of new and seasoned yogis throughout the world!


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Five reasons why you should experience Goat Yoga!

Pamela Wible MD: Doctors may now recommend goat yoga as first-line therapy for hypertensive patients

Animal-assisted therapy with farm animals for persons with psychiatric disorders

Attitudes to animal‐assisted therapy with farm animals among health staff and farmers

Goat Farm and Rehab Facility Team Up for First of Its Kind 'Goat Therapy' Program


Environmental Implications of Livestock: Goats

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